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Cadeco Distribution is a Houston based warehouse and logistics support company with emphasis on the food industry. We have been in business for over 30 years and offer full warehouse and distribution services to meet the needs of large and small customers alike. We can offer services tailored to your specific needs built on our expertise and experience. We specialize in handling palletized or floor loaded food products (bags, super-sacks), and packaging materials. We also provide kitting and assembly services, pick and pack services, packaging and re-packaging, and overflow storage. We can store any volumes from one pallet to large volumes, allowing you to take advantage of bulk buying discounts. Cadeco would like the opportunity to save your company from big capital outlays and continuing labor and equipment cost by being a player in your supply chain.


By utilizing our seven strategically located facilities in Houston with a total square footage of over 685,000...

  • Customized picking orders fulfilled
  • Packaging & re-packaging services
  • Consolidating services
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From all our locations we provide daily scheduled service throughout the region and nationally, offeringa menu of services custom designed to meet your specific needs...

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Warehouse Locations

  • 530 Portwall St, Houston, Tx 77029
  • 1060 Lockwood Dr, Houston, Tx 77020
  • 5610 Clinton Drive Houston Tx 77020
  • 1210 Shotwell St. Houston, Tx 77020
  • 5800 Clinton Drive Houston Tx 77020
  • 1111 Portwall St, Suite B. Houston, Tx 77029
  • 542 Portwall St, Houston, Tx 77029
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